Gil Cambule

Cambule & Américo (Maputo), Eduardo Mondlane University (Maputo)
Managing Partner / Lecturer

Gil Cambule founded Cambule & Américo in October 2021. He acts as a leading litigation and arbitration counsel for many of the key players in the technology, energy, medical services, postal and banking industries in Mozambique. Before founding CA, Gil Cambule led, for twelve years, the litigation and arbitration practice in one of the major law firms in the country. Gil Cambule is an arbitrator registered at the Maputo Arbitration and Mediation Centre (the only arbitration institution in Mozambique). Gil Cambule is a lecturer at faculty of law, Eduardo Mondlane University and ISCTEM (Theory of Civil Law and Philosophy of Law) and a member of the Council of the Faculty of Law of Eduardo Mondlane University.


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