Fabiana Di Porto

University of Salento
Professor of Law and Technology

Fabiana Di Porto, PhD (joint degree University of Perugia and Université Robert Schuman, Strasburg), MSc (London School of Economics, London) is Associate Professor of Law and Tech (University of Salento, Lecce), Professor at Luiss University. She is the Head of the Algorithmic Disclosure Regulation PRIN resesearch project (-2022)

Host of the the Law&RegTech Seminar Author of several articles on computational law, including antitrust.

INFO: www.lawandtechnology.it

She is Co-Director of the law journal “Competition and the market” (since 2011) and member of the executive Board of the Academic Society for Competition Law (ASCOLA). She was visiting fellow at the Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies, EUI (2011), Forchheimer Visiting Professor at the Law Faculty, Hebrew University, Jerusalem and Research Associate at the Federman Cyber Security Research Center, Hebrew U (2019/20).

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University of Salento


3260 Review

Giovanna Massarotto, Tatjana Grote, Damaris Kosack, Helena Quinn, Kate Brand, Stefan Hunt, Mario Siragusa, Fabiana Di Porto, Aurélien Portuese, Riccardo Invernizzi, Heiko Paulheim, Michael Schlechtinger, Thomas Fetzer, Gabriele Volpi Artificial intelligence and competition law


This special issue offers the antitrust community the opportunity to reflect on how AI is de facto affecting all markets—thus competition law. It shows what competition law can learn from AI and viceversa. The issues discussed in these articles include the adoption of algorithms and (...)

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