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Dr. Asja Zorn

Hausfeld (Brussels)

Dr. Asja Zorn is an associate at Hausfeld in Berlin. She advises clients on European and German competition law and antitrust legislation. Before joining Hausfeld as an associate, she worked - as part of her legal training - for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy in Berlin and as a trainee lawyer at Hausfeld. Asja Zorn also worked as a research assistant at the Institute for Energy and Regulatory Law in Berlin during her doctorate. She studied law at the Freie Universität of Berlin. She is fluent in German and English.

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289 Bulletin

Ann-Christin Richter, Dr. Asja Zorn The EU Court of Justice rules on the temporal applicability of the cartel damages directive and clarifies the statute of limitation in cartel damages (Volvo / DAF Trucks)


In its latest decision regarding the Trucks cartel the European Court of Justice (“ECJ“) once again clarified statute of limitation issues. Although the decision primarily dealt with the temporal applicability of the 2014 EU Damages Directive, it draws important implications for the (...)

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