Dibya Prakash Behera

Nishith Desai Associates (Mumbai), The Competition & Commercial Law Review (Mumbai)
Associate / Founder Editor

Dibya Prakash Behera is currently an associate at Nishith Desai Associates in its investment funds practice team. Having graduated from the National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi in July 2020, Dibya boasts of an impressive CV with top tier law firm internships, national & international mooting achievements, and an enviable set of publications. With close to 25 publications, his articles feature in some of the world’s most renowned blogs such as King’s Student Law Review, Cambridge International Law Journal, Berkeley International Law Journal, Concurrences (New York), European Competition Law Review, IndiaCorpLaw, CorpLawAdviser, SCC Online, The Practical Lawyer.


386 Bulletin

Dibya Prakash Behera, Vishal Rajvansh The Indian Competition Authority decides to examine the algorithm used in determining airline ticket prices to determine whether the airline companies have engaged in price-fixing practices (Jet Airways / InterGlobe Aviation)


The Competition Commission of India (“CCI”), anti-trust watchdog of India has lately sprung up in action by tightening the noose around the anti-competitive practices in the aviation sector. Recently in an incident concerning revising and fixing fuel surcharge (FSC) rates by a few airline (...)

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