Compass Lexecon (Madrid)

David Jubete Blanco

Compass Lexecon (Madrid)

David Jubete Blanco is an Economist with Compass Lexecon, based in Madrid. David’s work focuses on the application of economic analysis to competition policy, damage valuation and litigation matters. David has worked in a variety of cases, including mergers, antitrust investigations, cartel damage estimations, auctions, arbitrations related to renewable energy sources and natural gas price reviews. He has experience in the electricity, natural gas, digital platforms, sports, manufacturing and fast-moving consumer goods sectors, among others; and in multiple jurisdictions, including the European Union, Spain, UK, Austria and Portugal. Prior to joining Compass Lexecon in 2018 he was an intern in the Planning and Control department at Endesa (a major Spanish utility) and in the Corporate Strategy department at Telefónica (a major Spanish Telecommunications company). David obtained a MSc in Industrial Economics from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid with a Master’s thesis on the competitive dynamics in the technical constraints electricity markets in Spain. He is a native speaker of Spanish.

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652 Review

Oliver Budzinski, Antón Garcia, Robby Houben, David Jubete Blanco, Valerio Mancini, Tommaso Marazzi, Jorge Padilla, Albert Riera, Stephen Weatherill The future of sport governance in Europe (Brussels, 13 January 2023)


On 13 January 2023, Concurrences held a conference in Brussels on «The future of sport governance in Europe». Important topics were discussed such as the interpretation of Article 165 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union in the sports sector, the conclusions of Advocate General (...)

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