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David Bailey

King’s College (London), Brick Court Chambers (London)
Professor of Practice in Competition Law & Clerk

David Bailey is a Professor of Practice in Competition Law at King’s College London. He is also a practising barrister, qualified in England and Wales and in Ireland, and works as Clerk for Brick Court Chambers . Since 2015, he has been Standing Counsel to the UK Competition and Markets Authority and to the Hong Kong Competition Commission. In 2020 David was awarded the Chambers & Partners Bar Awards as Competition Junior of the Year. David is the co-author (with Emeritus Professor Which QC (Hon) of the tenth edition of Competition Law (2021).

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David Bailey (Brick Court Chambers - King's College London)
David Bailey 21 September 2017 Bruxelles


1396 Review

David Bailey Competition policy in the digital era


The purpose of this article is to examine briefly a few implications of digital data and ’cyber competition’ for competition policy. It does so by discussing two cases that were concerned with alleged extensions of a dominant position in the digital world into a neighbouring market. In (...)


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