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Christophe de Saint-Pern is an associate at Baker McKenzie Paris. He previously worked at Bredin Prat and interned as a case handler at the French State Council. His practice focuses on public regulation, competition law, procurement contracts and public property.

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1584 Review

Francis Donnat, Christophe de Saint-Pern Visibility of services of general interest : The Audiovisual and Digital Communication Regulatory Authority launches a public consultation on measures to ensure appropriate visibility of services of general interest


The Regulatory Authority for Audiovisual and Digital Communication [hereinafter "ARCOM"] has opened a public consultation, from March 15 to April 21, 2023, on its draft deliberation on the measures to be implemented by operators of user interfaces to ensure appropriate visibility of (...)

Francis Donnat, Christophe de Saint-Pern Audiovisual: European Commission proposes new regulation to harmonize media regulations and prevent interference with editorial freedom


On September 16, 2022, the European Commission tabled a proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing a common framework for media services in the internal market (European legislation on media freedom) and amending Directive 2010/13/EU, also known as the (...)

Francis Donnat, Christophe de Saint-Pern Audiovisual: The French Audiovisual Council and the regulatory authority for electronic communications, posts and press distribution are asked for their opinion by the Autorité de la Concurrence in the context of the examination of the proposed merger between two audiovisual groups (TF1 / M6)


A few days after the announcement of the end of the merger project between TF1 and M6, the two regulators, the Autorité de Régulation de la Communication Audiovisuelle et Numérique [hereinafter "ARCOM"] and the Autorité de Régulation des Communications Électroniques, des Postes et de la (...)

Francis Donnat, Christophe de Saint-Pern Audiovisual: The French Audiovisual Council refers a matter to the Paris judicial court in order to order internet service providers to block access to several pornographic sites following an unsuccessful formal notice to take all measures to prevent minors from accessing the incriminated content


Under Articles 1 and 15 of Law No. 86-1067 of September 30, 1986 on freedom of communication, the audiovisual regulator - the Conseil supérieur de l’Audiovisuel [hereinafter "CSA"] - replaced on January 1, 2022 by the Autorité de régulation de la communication audiovisuelle et numérique (...)

Emmanuel Guillaume, Christophe de Saint-Pern Electricity: The French Government decides that once has been reached the threshold of 1,800 MW of installed capacity contracts entered into force and concluded on the basis of the Feed-In Premium Order dated of 13 December 2016, the French incumbent operator will no longer sign new contracts on the basis of this 2016 Feed-In Premium Order (EDF)


By a decision of the Minister for Ecological and Solidarity Transition, dated December 19, 2019, the Government stipulated that Electricité de France [EDF] will no longer enter into any additional compensation contracts, pursuant to the Order of December 13, 2016 "setting the conditions for (...)

Emmanuel Guillaume, Christophe de Saint-Pern Transports: The French Government keeps transforming the rail transport system, in the context of the fourth European railway package, by adopting a new regulatory framework for setting tariffs for the use of railway infrastructure (SNCF Réseau)


The legal framework for infrastructure charges The use of the national rail network by railway companies gives rise to the payment to SNCF Réseau, the Network Manager, of various infrastructure charges, which constitute its main source of revenue (Out of a turnover of €6.496 billion (Bn€) in (...)

Emmanuel Guillaume, Christophe de Saint-Pern Online games: The French Regulatory of Online Games issues an overall assessment of the Authority’s activity for the past ten years within the context of a reform to come in gambling regulation (Report 2018-2019)


Created by Law No. 2010-476 of 12 May 2010, relating to the opening to competition and regulation of the online gambling sector, the Online Gaming Regulatory Authority ("ARJEL") will soon celebrate its 10th anniversary. Published on 7 June 2019, its report for the year 2018-2019 will be the (...)


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