Chris Ring

Berkeley Research Group (Washington)

Chris Ring is a Director at Berkeley Research Group, located in Arlington. Chris has assisted experts analyzing economic issues related to commercial disputes and regulatory proceedings since 2008. He supports experts in these engagements through leading the coordination of case teams, developing written expert testimony, and supporting expert witnesses in live hearings. He also frequently conducts economic damages analyses, market analyses, and competition analyses.

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11428 Review

Alden Abbott, Robin Adelstein, Megan Browdie, Michael A. Carrier, Peter C. Carstensen, Samuel Clark, Lisl Dunlop, Harry First, Albert A. Foer, Eleanor M. Fox, Jacqueline Grise, Ryan Kantor, Donald C. Klawiter, John Kwoka, James Langenfeld, Tad Lipsky, Alessandro Massolo, Howard Morse, Gabriella Muscolo, James Bo Pearl, Noah Pinegar, Chris Ring, Christopher Sagers, Richard S. Taffet, Willard K. Tom, Eliot Turner, Douglas (Doug) Tween, Tommaso Valletti, Michael L. Weiner The new US antitrust administration


This Concurrences special set of articles focuses on antitrust law and enforcement in the aftermath of the American Presidential Elections. It questions the changes and challenges expected in 2021 under the new Biden administration, and its impacts with respect to antitrust legislation and (...)


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