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Charles de Navacelle

Jones Day (Brussels)

Charles de Navacelle is a partner in the Brussels office of Jones Day. He represents clients before the European Commission and different national antitrust authorities in response to antitrust investigations, including criminal grand jury investigations relating to alleged international cartel activity and price-fixing cases at a global level. He has experience before the European Commission, the French Autorité de la concurrence, the United States Department of Justice, and the Federal Trade Commission. After working in the Jones Day’s Washington Office for two years, Charles de Navacelle transferred to Europe where his practice is now focused on assisting international clients in Brussels and Paris on both transactional and litigation matters.

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520 Bulletin

Bernard Amory, Charlotte Breuvart, Serge Clerckx, Charles de Navacelle, Laurent De Muyter, Yvan N. Desmedt, Kaarli Harry Eichhorn, Mario Todino, Alexandre G. Verheyden, Philipp Werner The EU Commission takes action to amend the Framework on exclusionary abuses of dominance


In Short The Situation: On 27 March 2023, the European Commission ("Commission") published a Communication amending its 2008 Guidance on enforcement priorities concerning exclusionary abuses ("amended 2008 Guidance Paper"), and launched a consultation process for the adoption of Guidelines (...)

Francoise Labrousse, Bernard Amory, Renato Antonini, Charles de Navacelle, Kaarli Harry Eichhorn, Eva Monard The EU Commission adopts a proposal for a regulation on foreign subsidies that might be distorting the internal market


In Short The Situation: The European Commission ("Commission") has faced significant pressure from stakeholders to quickly address growing concerns over the distortive effects of foreign subsidies and to ensure a level playing field in the EU. The Result: As anticipated in our recent (...)

1073 Review

Bernard Amory, Charles de Navacelle, Henry de la Barre d’Erquelinnes, Simon J. Evenett Beyond Alstom-Siemens: Is there a need to revise competition law goals? (New Frontiers of Antitrust - Paris, June 14th, 2019)


The present contributions were gathered following up the 10th edition of the “New Frontiers of Antitrust” annual Concurrences review Conference held in Paris on June 14th, 2019, at the French Ministry of Economy and Finance. The discussions revolved around four topics. The members of the first (...)


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