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Carmelo Cennamo is professor with special responsibilities of strategy and entrepreneurship at Copenhagen Business School, where he is co-director of the entrepreneurship concentration studies of the MBA Program. Expert on digital platforms, digital markets, ecosystems, he studies how firms manage their interdependent activities and how they try to shape the business context where these activities take place to gain competitive advantage. His work spans different sectors including videogames, mobile apps, oil and gas, automotive, hospitality, mobility, online news, blockchain and initial coins offerings; has appeared in the top academic journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Organization Science, Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Management, Research Policy, as well as MIT Sloan Management Review, California Managment Review, and has been recognised with prestigious awards such as Best Paper Prize (finalist) from the Strategic Management Society (2014, 2018), Best Paper Award (finalist, 2017), Best Paper Proceedings (2017, 2015, 2013), Best Dissertation Award (finalist, 2011), and Distinguished Student Paper Award (2010) from the Academy of Management.

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Carmelo Cennamo


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