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Caner K. Çesit

ACTECON (Istanbul)

Caner K. Çesit joined Actecon in August 2020. He provides advice to a wide range of clients on investigations initiated by the Turkish Competition Authority and on merger control issues related to both domestic and cross-border transactions. He also advises in judicial review proceedings filed against the decisions of the Turkish Competition Authority as well as conducts follow-on competition litigation. Caner K. Çesit assists clients with their day-to-day competition and regulatory compliance matters. He also plays an active role in advising local and international clients on data protection matters. He speaks English fluently. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Istanbul University, Faculty of Law and he is admitted to Istanbul Bar Association since 2014. Caner Çesit received his master’s degree on capital markets and commercial law from University of Bahcesehir in 2019. Before joining ACTECON in 2020, Caner Çesit worked at a reputable competition law oriented boutique law firm.

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1626 Bulletin

Caner K. Çesit, Cansen Erensoy, İrem Özdamar The Turkish Competition Authority imposes interim measures on a television broadcaster of Turkish Super League for providing sub-broadcasting rights in a discriminatory manner (Krea İçehim Hizmetleri)


As per Article 9(4) of Law No. 4054 on Protection of Competition (“Competition Law”), the Turkish Competition Authority (“TCA”) is entitled to impose interim measures in order to maintain the environment before the violation, without exceeding the scope of the final decision, in case of a (...)

Caner K. Çesit, Ulya Zeynep Tan, İdil Gizay Doğan, İrem Özdamar The Turkish Competition Authority declines to implement an administrative fine for senior executives deleting WhatsApp during a dawn raid because it could not ascertain when the apps were deleted


Introduction In accordance with the Turkish Competition Authority’s (“TCA”) decision dated 25.11.2021 and numbered 21-57/796-M, the TCA initiated an investigation against undertakings in the market for fast-moving consumer goods to ascertain whether Article 4 of Law No. 4054 on the Protection of (...)

Caner K. Çesit, Cansen Erensoy The Ankara 2nd Administrative Court stays the execution of the Competition Authority’s decision to fine an online marketplace for obstructing a dawn raid (Sahibinden)


Introduction As is well known, the Turkish Competition Authority (“TCA”) is authorized to examine all data and documents on electronic platforms and information systems during the on-site inspections pursuant to the amendment dated 16.06.2020 on Article 15 of Law No. 4054 on the Protection of (...)

Caner K. Çesit, Bahadır Aslan, Mehmet Taha Coşkun The Turkish Competition Authority fines an ice cream supplier for abusing its dominant position in the industrial ice cream market through the use of exclusionary practices and the imposing of a non-compete obligation on one of its e-commerce customers (Unilever / Algida)


Introduction The Turkish Competition Authority’s (“TCA”) reasoned decision dated 18.03.2021 and numbered 21-15/190-80, whereby it has decided to impose an administrative fine amounting to TRY 480,217,217 (EUR 77,624,758) on Unilever Sanayi ve Ticaret Türk A.Ş. (“Unilever”) for violation of Article 4 (...)

Ertuğrul Can Canbolat, Caner K. Çesit, Alper Karafil The Turkish Competition Authority fines auto expertise services providers for price fixing and supply cartel (Auto / Çözüm / Dyno Max...)


On 17 December 2020, the Turkish Competition Authority (“TCA”) announced, on its website, the reasoned decision as a result of its investigation against certain auto expertise services providers in a province of Turkey (i.e. Gaziantep), unveiling a price fixing and supply cartel among the (...)

Caner K. Çesit, Burak Buğrahan Sezer The Turkish Competition Authority publishes a decision ruling that state owned financial entities are under the Same Economic Unity (Gunes Sigorta / Vakifbank)


On 9 December 2020, the Turkish Competition Authority (“TCA”) published a reasoned decision concerning an individual exemption application regarding two bancassurance agreements signed between (i) Güneş Sigorta A.Ş. (“Güneş Sigorta”) and Türkiye Vakıflar Bankası T.A.O. (“Vakıfbank”), (ii) Vakıf Emeklilik (...)

Ertuğrul Can Canbolat, Caner K. Çesit, Alper Karafil The Turkish Administrative Court decides that the practices based on secondary legislation in force cannot be deemed as violation of the competition law (EMO)


Introduction On 13 October 2020, the Turkish Competition Authority (“TCA”) announced that Ankara 17th Administrative Court (“Court”) suspended the TCA’s decision fining the practices of Electrical Engineers Chamber (Elektrik Mühendisleri Odası – “EMO ”) with respect to the establishment of minimum (...)

Ertuğrul Can Canbolat, Caner K. Çesit, Celal Duruhan Aydinli The Turkish Competition Authority fines financial institutions for not responding to information requests (Citibank / Goldman Sachs / ING Bank / JPMorgan / Türkiye Garanti Bankası)


No Excuses to Not Responding to Information Requests: Financial Institutions Case in Turkey* The issuance of requests for information (“RFIs”) within the scope of an investigation or a merger control case can be deemed one of the main tools that enables, on the one hand, a competition authority (...)

Ertuğrul Can Canbolat, Burak Buğrahan Sezer, Caner K. Çesit The Turkish Constitutional Court issues a decision finding a violation of constitutional rights of the concerned undertaking during the appeal process of a competition law infringement action (Onmed)


Introduction On 30 September 2020, the Constitutional Court’s long-awaited decision as regards the controversies arisen from the application of the most favorable law in competition law cases was announced in the Turkish Official Gazette. This decision appears to be a crucial one as it is the (...)

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