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Linklaters (Paris)

Anne Dos is an associate at Linklaters in Paris since June 2022. After studying law in Paris, Oxford, Montpellier and London, she worked in several French and international law firms as a trainee, legal assistant and then as an an associate since 2021.

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1477 Review

Christophe Lemaire, Anne Dos Legitimate suspicion: The first president of the Paris Court of Appeal takes note of the decision of the French Supreme Court dated 4 June 2020 and accepts to refer a case on the ground of legitimate suspicion (Wane)


Following the very remarkable ruling of the Court of Cassation of June 4, 2020, the First President of the Paris Court of Appeal granted a petition for legitimate suspicion, dismissed the case from the Polynesian Competition Authority and referred the case to the Metropolitan Competition (...)

Christophe Lemaire, Anne Dos Leniency: The French Competition Authority withdraws for the second time a full immunity and applies the French leniency plus mechanism to the second leniency applicant (Charcuterie Cartel)


By a decision dated 16 July 2020, the Competition Authority ["the Authority"] imposes fines of EUR 93 million on the twelve cartel participants active in the purchase and sale of pork cuts and charcuterie products. From a procedural point of view, this decision provides in particular (...)

Christophe Lemaire, Anne Dos Abuse of dominance: The European Commission invites interested third parties to comment the commitments proposed in various TV set-top box and modem chipset markets (Broadcom)


On 27 April, the European Commission submitted for consultation Broadcom’s proposed commitments on the markets for chipsets for TV decoders and modems, pursuant to Article 27 of Regulation 1/2003. The context that led to the proposal for commitments As a reminder, in June 2019, the Commission (...)

Christophe Lemaire, Anne Dos Dawn raids: The French Supreme Court confirms the validity of the use of "provisional closed seals" technique and the seizure of entire mailboxes in the context of an investigation into misleading commercial practices (Renault)


In a decision dated 4 March 2020, the Criminal Division of the Court of Cassation confirmed and specified the procedures for conducting [OVS visits and seizures] authorized by the liberty and detention [judge (juge des libertés et de la détention JLD]) in the context of an investigation ordered (...)

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