Amira Abdel Ghaffar

Central Bank of Egypt
Head of Competition Protection Department

Amira Abdel Ghaffar is currently the Head of Competition Protection Department of the Central Bank of Egypt; she was the Vice – Chairperson of COMESA Competition Commission for three years, as she started her mandate to be a member of the Board of Directors of COMESA Competition Commission in 2015, then she was elected to be the vice chairman of the commission in 2018. In 2007, she started her research in competition law and completed her PhD as a comparative study between Egyptian Competition Law and US Antitrust Law in 2010. She joined the Egyptian Competition Authority as a senior investigator and the she became the Head of Financial and Energy section in 2018. Several notable achievements serve as milestones in her bio, such as issuing a new draft of corporate law and a new draft of the commercial registry law in Egypt, establishment and activation of COMESA M&A control system, and the enforcement of competition law on state owned enterprises in Egypt.


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