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Allain Andry

White & Case (Washington)

Allain Andry is an associate in the White & Case’s Competition Group, based in Washington, D.C. He focuses on antitrust. His primary area of experience is in global antitrust merger clearance, having helped coordinate approval efforts in dozens of jurisdictions throughout the world. Allain is also actively involved in the Firm’s pro bono matters, focusing on prisoner’s rights litigation. During law school, Allain worked for the University of Virginia School of Law’s Center for Oceans Law & Policy to help coordinate and run the 2015 Rhodes Academy of Oceans Law and Policy in Rhodes, Greece.

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913 Bulletin

Mark J. Gidley, George Paul, Rebecca Farrington, Anna Kertesz, Tamer Nagy, Martin M. Toto, Douglas Jasinski, Heather Greenfield, Gabriela Baca, Allain Andry, Ashley Stoner, Cassandra Calderon, Andrew Hammond The US FTC and DOJ introduce new draft merger guidelines which foresee a clear shift in recent merger enforcement in the US


The Proposed Merger Guidelines represent the DOJ’s and the FTC’s aggressive scrutiny of mergers. As one of the most important reflections of policy the Antitrust Agencies use to analyze transactions, the Proposed Guidelines—once finalized—reflect the clear shift in recent merger enforcement in (...)

Rebecca Farrington (Hilberman), Heather Greenfield, Anna Kertesz, Mark J. Gidley, Gabriela Baca, Ashley Stoner, Allain Andry, Maia Gez, Michelle Rutta, Melinda Anderson The US DoJ continues its aggressive crackdown on illegal interlocking directorates thereby increasing the spotlight on private equity and technology firms and leading to the resignation of five more US company board directors


The Antitrust Division of the US Department of Justice ("DOJ") continues to aggressively pursue alleged illegal interlocking directorates that violate Section 8 of the Clayton Act, and in particular, interlocks involving private equity ("PE") firms and technology companies. On March 9, 2023, (...)

Michael Gallagher, Regina Loureiro, Allain Andry, Mark J. Gidley, Kathryn Jordan Mims, Noah A. Brumfield The US DoJ and State Attorney-General propose federal additions to the Price Gouging Framework following the COVID-19 pandemic


Price gouging enforcement has largely been left to the States with their patchwork of varying laws—laws that have been invoked sporadically in crises. While the COVID-19 crisis has reportedly led to increased state enforcement, the federal government has taken a larger role, including Justice (...)


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