Alistair McGlone

Alistair McGlone and Associates (London)

Alistair McGlone is the Director of Alistair McGlone and associates Ltd. He has decades of frontline experience of international environmental forums and is an internationally recognised negotiator for the UK. He is an international environmental law consultant and a former UK Civil Service Director.


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Jacques Derenne, Alessandro Cogoni, Massimo Merola, Guillaume Blanc, Philipp Werner, Cvetelina Georgieva, Dimitris Vallindas, Ulrich Soltész, Christian Weinmann, Valérie Noël, Sébastien Thomas, Alistair McGlone, Clélia Jadot The role of third parties in State aid cases


The prior control of the granting of State aid by an independent and supranational authority, the European Commission, constitutes the essential cornerstone of the creation of the internal market. However, State aid procedural rules have privileged Member States, whilst third parties, primarily (...)

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