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Dr Alison Sprague is a Director at CEG Europe, based in London, where she focuses on regulatory and policy matters, competition, and litigation. She has r expertise in the media, entertainment and telecoms sectors, including television, radio, film, internet, music, sport, gambling, publishing and fixed/mobile telecoms. She has advised private and public sector clients in the UK, the EU, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Russia, India, Hong Kong. Clients include leading broadcasters; pay TV retailers, and telcos; trade associations; regulators, law firms, and government departments. She co-led a study on convergence in 1996, which was used by the Commission in forming its convergence green paper. Since joining CEG her projects have included: the economics of payment card systems as input to two expert competition damages reports submitted to the CAT and the High Court; competition and regulation in personal banking in an EU territory; whether a client’s discounting procedures contravened competition law; inputs to an expert report on the relevant market for a global footwear brand; evaluation of pan-EU broadcasting regulations; and a review of a cost benefits analysis of moving TV broadcasters from one spectrum band to another. Alison is a member of the future trends working group at the UK’s internet advertising bureau, contributing short papers on the “internet of things”, social media, mobile measurement, regulatory trends and wearables. She has additionally written on: media plurality; local newspapers; government media policy; copyright; gambling; mobile markets; consumer policy and the UK competition regime. Alison has three degrees in economics and several publications. She began her career as a Research Assistant to Professor Patrick Minford and for her M. Phil and D. Phil theses, she was supervised by Professor Stephen Nickell. She was also a college lecturer at Oxford University. After academia she began her career as an economics consultant.

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