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Alina Popescu

Maravela, Popescu & Asociatii (Bucharest)
Founding Partner

Alina Popescu is the founding partner at MPR Partners LLP. She heads the firm’s competition department, having more than 15 years of legal experience and in-depth knowledge of competition matters, amassed during her studies at top European universities and her involvement in high-profile national and cross-border competition matters. Alina Popescu holds a Master’s research degree in European Law (including competition law), awarded with merits by the French University Montesquieu Bordeaux IV. In addition, she has a thorough understanding of economic aspects pertaining to competition matters, being currently enrolled in King’s College London’s programme in the field of economics for competition law. Whilst she particularly specialises in anticompetitive agreements, market power and merger clearance topics, Alina’s competition practice is wide ranging, including various industries and the entire plethora of competition matters.

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Maravela, Popescu & Asociatii (Bucharest)
Maravela, Popescu & Asociatii (Bucharest)
Maravela, Popescu & Asociatii (Bucharest)


993 Bulletin

Alina Popescu The Romanian Government launches a draft law on the authorization of 5G technology manufacturers with the potential exclusion of certain foreign businesses based on national security grounds resulting in decreased competition in an already oligopolistic market


1. Background The Ministry of Transportation, Infrastructure and Communications launched on August 4, 2020 a draft law on measures relating to information and communication infrastructures of national interest and the conditions for the implementation of 5G networks (the “Draft Law”). The (...)

Alina Popescu The Romanian Ministry of Finance activates approved State aid scheme under which it offers investors non-reimbursable funding for investments made in Romania with significant economic impact


1. Introduction On July 30, the Romanian Ministry of Finance issued an order launching the procedure whereby investors may obtain non-reimbursable funding for investments made in Romania. The funding is regulated by Government Decision no. 807/2014 on the setting up of a State aid scheme (...)


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