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Alexandre Marescaux

Fidal (Brussels)
Trainee Lawyer

Alexandre Marescaux is an associate in the competition law department of Fidal in Brussels. He previously completed his internship at Ashurst (Paris). He holds a master’s degree in "Competition and Contract Law" from the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines and is former student at the Università degli studi Roma 3.

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854 Review

Christophe Lemaire, Alexandre Marescaux Jurisdiction: The French Court of Jurisdictional Conflict rules that the Paris Court of Appeal has jurisdiction to rule on a decision of the French Competition Authority to publish a decision disclosing business secrets in spite of a classification decision of the General Rapporteur (Google)


The period under review brings its new episode relating to the issue of the treatment of business secrecy before the Competition Authority (for a reminder of previous episodes, v. not. Christophe Lemaire, Adèle Azzi, Le Conseil d’État décline sa compétence pour traiter d’un recours contre une (...)

Christophe Lemaire, Alexandre Marescaux Admissibility : The first president of the Paris Court of Appeal admits that a rapporteur of the French Competition Authority may face disqualification for lack of impartiality, but declares the application inadmissible in the present case on the ground of late application (FILMM)


On June 4, 2020, in a very noteworthy ruling, the Second Civil Chamber of the Court of Cassation had affirmed that the Polynesian Competition Authority ["the PCA"] should be qualified as a jurisdiction when it is called upon to pronounce a sanction. Consequently, any person brought before this (...)

Christophe Lemaire, Alexandre Marescaux Settlement: The French Supreme Court rejects any infringement of the rights of defence in the context of hybrid transaction proceedings before the French Competition Authority (Caisse des dépôts et consignations)


By a decision dated 26 February 2015, the Competition Authority had taken up ex officio matters relating to practices implemented on the land assistance market of the public land institution of the Western Rhône-Alpes region (hereinafter ’EPORA’). The Authority was alerted by an investigation (...)

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