Compass Lexecon (Madrid)

Albert Riera

Compass Lexecon (Madrid)
Vice President

Albert Riera is a Vice President at Compass Lexecon, based in Madrid. He is specialized in the energy sector, where he has advised governments and major energy companies in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East in a wide variety of issues. In electricity, Albert has worked across the value chain. In the generation segment he has assisted companies with strategic support (asset valuation, market positioning and regulatory risk assessment), energy policy (market design, security of supply and climate change policy), antitrust and dispute advice. In the distribution and transmission segments he has provided advice on economic regulation (quality incentives, efficiency benchmarks and tariffs) and due diligences. In the gas sector, Albert has performed cost benefit analysis of several gas infrastructure projects and has assisted companies in arbitration proceedings and due diligences. Albert also has experience in antitrust and regulatory issues in the telecommunication, transport and postal sectors. Prior to his professional career as an economic consultant, he lectured microeconomics at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and co-founded a carpooling company. He holds a M.A. in Economic Analysis from Universidad Carlos III and a M.Sc. in Physics from Cambridge University.


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