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Bona Law (Minneapolis)

Aaron Gott is a Partner and Chief Operating Officer at Bona Law, based in Minneapolis. He is a top-rated antitrust lawyer who focuses on antitrust and competition litigation, complex business litigation, challenges to government conduct, and appeals. Aaron manages litigation in Bona Law’s cases and has developed extensive experience in prosecuting and defending antitrust cases and other complex litigation. He is also one of the nation’s leading lawyers on issues involving the state-action immunity, a narrow antitrust exemption often claimed by government entities such as state professional licensing boards and municipalities who are sued for violating the federal antitrust laws. He also counsels clients on a range of issues, including antitrust compliance and employment noncompete agreement issues. Aaron is a combat veteran who served nearly ten years in the U.S. Army. He entered law school with over five years of professional writing experience as a newspaper editor and Army public affairs officer. His work has been published in newspapers throughout the country, trade magazines, academic journals, websites, and government publications; he has received accolades from general officers, scholars, high-profile litigators, and even federal judges. Aaron’s legal scholarship has been called “meticulously researched and brilliantly argued,” and BookForum showcased one of Aaron’s scholarly papers as an example of “rigorous and elegant writing.”

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90 Bulletin

Luke Hasskamp, Aaron Gott The US Supreme Court decides that states which don’t clearly articulated and affirmatively expressed a policy allowing hospitals authorities to make acquisitions wont be under the state-action immunity (FTC / Pheobe Putney)


This article briefly explores the applicability of federal antitrust laws to actions taken by municipalities or other state subdivisions and, specifically, whether they have acted pursuant to a clearly articulated state policy to displace competition in the marketplace. Federal antitrust (...)


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