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Aarne Puisto focuses on competition law, public procurement matters and commercial litigation. He advises international and domestic clients on matters relating to competition law, public procurement and state aid. Moreover, he is regularly involved in EU law related regulatory and compliance assignments and in administrative court proceedings. Prior to joining Dittmar & Indrenius, Aarne has gained extensive work experience in competition and procurement matters in the Market Court of Finland and the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority as well as in other leading Finnish law firms. In addition to his Finnish law degree from University of Helsinki, Aarne holds an LL.M. degree in European Business Law from Lund University.

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1196 Bulletin

Aarne Puisto, Päivi Tammilehto The Finnish Competition Authority calls for lowering turnover thresholds for merger notification and discretionary power to order below-threshold notifications


According to the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (“FCCA”), the current national turnover thresholds allow harmful merges to escape scrutiny by the authority. The FCCA suggests that Finnish turnover thresholds be lowered and that the authority be granted the right to require a (...)

Aarne Puisto, Päivi Tammilehto The Finnish Deputy Chancellor of Justice declares that the Competition Authority’s policy to prohibit recordings of hearings is declared unlawful under the national Competition Act


According to the decision of the Deputy Chancellor of Justice ("DCJ"), responsible for monitoring the lawfulness of the operations of public authorities, the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority ("FCCA") cannot restrict the right of attorneys to record the hearings conducted by the FCCA (...)

Riikka Aarikka, Aarne Puisto, Katia Duncker The EU Commission confirms the Parliament and Council’s procurement directive to answer the question of COVID-19 may affect the use of the negotiated procedure without prior publication and amending contracts during their term


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has in a short time driven the whole world into a state of emergency. The pandemic may cause situations for which contracting authorities cannot have prepared for in advance. In this article, we will look at the question of how COVID-19 may affect the use of the (...)

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