Wolfgang Nothhelfer

NOCON (London)
Founding Partner

Wolfgang is a founding partner of NOCON. He is a competition economist who has specialised in acting as monitoring trustee, supervising compliance with competition remedies and providing advice to corporations and competition agencies. Wolfgang has over 10 years of experience advising in antitrust proceedings. Previous roles include Assistant Director of Economics at the Competition and Markets Authority and Senior Manager at PwC.


8759 Bulletin

Wolfgang Nothhelfer The German Federal Cartel Office clears a merger in the markets for diaphragm carburettors and hand-held power tools with remedies, including the divestment of a major business unit in the United States (STIHL / ZAMA Asia)


The operation On 4 April 2008, STIHL notified the German Federal Cartel Office (FCO) of its intention to purchase ZAMA Asia. STIHL is a German company active in the development, production and sale of hand-held motorized outdoor equipment, including chain saws, brush cutters and industrial (...)

Wolfgang Nothhelfer The Austrian Cartel Court approved a merger in the compressor industry subject to brand divestment and access to customer base, parallel to Bundeskartellamt merger investigation (Atlas Copco/ABAC)


The operation On 17 August 2006, Atlas Copco AB, a world leader in compressors, generators, construction and mining equipment, industrial tools, assembly systems and equipment rental, notified the BWB of its plans to acquire ABAC Aria Compressor S.p.A, a subsidiary of the ABAC group (...)

Wolfgang Nothhelfer The German Federal Cartel Office clears a merger in the utilities sector, subject to remedies requiring third party access to the parties’ gas networks, the disclosure of access prices and the option for industrial customers to terminate their supply contracts (EnBW / SSG)


The operation On 29 September 2000, EnBW Ostwürttemberg DonauRies AG (EnBW Donau) notified the German Federal Cartel Office (FCO) of its intent to acquire 25.1 % of the shares of Stadtwerke Schwäbisch Gmünd GmbH (SSG). At that time 99.3 % of the shares in EnBW Donau were held by EnBW Regional (...)

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