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Thomas Cheng is a professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong. His research focuses on competition law and policy issues, especially comparative competition law and competition law in developing countries. He is a member of the Competition Commission, the Committee on Slots Complaints in Hong Kong, and the Business Facilitation Advisory Committee in Hong Kong. He assisted the Hong Kong government in drafting the city’s first comprehensive competition law. He is also a member of the executive board of the Academic Society for Competition Law (“ASCOLA”), a member of the advisory board of the American Antitrust Institute, a member of the international advisory board of the Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies at Loyola University Chicago, and a member of the advisory board for the Journal of Antitrust Enforcement and the China Antitrust Law Journal.


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Thomas Cheng Kin-Hon
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Thomas Cheng Kin Hon
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2007 Review

Allen Grunes, Lauren Leblond, Laurence Idot, Maurice Stucke, Nicolas Petit, Thomas Cheng Kin-Hon Search engines (Competition law enforcement in the digital sector - Nanterre, 17 November 2016)


Case 1 was dedicated to the practices of search engines in the scope of Chinese, American and European laws. An economist has also shared his point of view on the matter. 1. Rant is a particularly efficient search engine, present in all countries of the world. In the search engine advertising (...)

Anne-Sophie Choné-Grimaldi, Emmanuelle Claudel, Florian Bien, Thomas Cheng Kin-Hon Intermediation platforms (Competition law enforcement in the digital sector - Nanterre, 17 November 2016)


Case 3 illustrates the practices of an intermediation platform referencing professionals; The case was studied in the scope of UE, German, French, American, Chinese and Japanese laws. An economist has also shared his point of view. 1. The Moov’ is an intermediation platform with a network of (...)

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