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Antonin Pitras

Le Mans University (Paris)

Antonin Pitras holds a PhD in competition law (Sorbonne Law School). He was awarded with the 2021 Concurrences PhD Award. He is an Associate Professor at Le Mans University and a member of the Paris Bar. Antonin Pitras was awarded the Concurrences Ph.D. Award in Law 2021, for his thesis La soumission des banques au droit de la concurrence.

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Le Mans University (Paris)


1145 Bulletin

Julie Catala Marty, Antonin Pitras Real estate and antitrust law: An overview of EU and national case law


Under the generic term of "real estate sector", competition authorities have dealt with a wide variety of activities and competition law issues. Enforcement decisions have focused on various business segments, including (i) buying and selling of own real estate; (ii) renting and operating owned or leased real estate; (iii) real estate development; (iv) real estate activities on a fee or contract basis; (v) real estate appraisals; (vi) real estate consulting; and (vii) real estate brokerages.

3231 Review

Antonin Pitras Competition Law as Regulation


To what extent should competition agencies act as market regulators? Competition Law as Regulation provides numerous insights from competition scholars on new trends at the interface of competition law and sector-specific regulation. By relying on the experiences of a considerable number of (...)



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