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Pierre Larouche (1968) is Professor of Law and Innovation at Université de Montréal. Previous affiliations include Professor of Competition Law at Tilburg University and Founding Director of the Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC), Professor at the College of Europe (Bruges) and Joint Academic Director of the Center on Regulation in Europe (CERRE). A graduate of McGill, Bonn and Maastricht, he clerked at the Supreme Court of Canada in 1991-1992 and practised law for three years before joining academia. His teaching and research interests include innovation theory, competition law and economic regulation, electronic communications law, media law, comparative law and tort law. He has been a guest professor or scholar at McGill University (2002), National University of Singapore (2004, 2006, 2008, 2011, 2013), Northwestern University (2009-2010, 2016-2017), Sciences Po (2012), the University of Pennsylvania (2015) and IDC Herzliya (2016).


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Konstantina Bania, Sean-Paul Brankin, Jean Cattan, Francis Donnat, Damien Geradin, Martin D’Halluin, Pierre Larouche, Theano Karanikioti, Alexandre de Streel, Joëlle Toledano, Pat Treacy, Daniel Zimmer The Digital Market Act


The Digital Market Act (DMA) was born out of a combination of three elements: the desire to regulate certain very large online platforms that have acquired substantial control over access to digital markets; the perceived inadequacies and slowness of competition law in this regard; and the (...)


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