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Massimiliano Kadar

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Deputy Head of Unit

Massimiliano Kadar is deputy head of unit of the antitrust case support and policy at DG Competition and a Visiting Fellow at King’s College London. He holds an LLM in Competition Law from King’s College London and a Master in Law from Bocconi University.

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1996 Bulletin

Massimiliano Kadar Interim Measures: An overview of EU and national case law


After a long period of absence on the European Union (“EU”) enforcement landscape, interim measures have raised an increased interest in competition law circles in recent years and are now commonly considered an important part of any enforcement agency toolkit. The European Commission (“Commission”) adopted its first interim measures in almost two decades in the 2019 Broadcom case and a number of jurisdictions in the EU and beyond have seen significant enforcement at the level of national competition authorities (“NCAs”) and courts. While interim measures have been part of the enforcement culture in certain jurisdictions for quite a few years, the timing for the resurgence of this instrument across the European continent is not coincidental. A more frequent use of interim measures has indeed accompanied the renewed emphasis on a prompt and effective enforcement of competition rules, which has become even more vital due to the increased importance of digital and other fast-moving markets. This foreword is intended to provide an overview of the main recent cases of interim measures at EU and Member State level.

Massimiliano Kadar The EU Commission fines a leading company in salmon farming €20 million for breaching the standstill obligation and failing to meet notification requirements (Marine Harvest / Morpol)


Article originally published in DG Competition’s Competition merger brief, as Competition merger brief 1/2014 (click here), under the title "Harvesting salmon, jumping guns: the Marine Harvest early implementation case". Please note that all articles published in the CPN are subject to a (...)

Jani Ringborg, Joachim Bokobza, Massimiliano Kadar The EU Commission clears the acquisition by a Swedish steelmaker of its Finnish rival, subject to the divestment of five businesses in Finland, Sweden, and Norway (SSAB / Rautaruukki)


"Viking Steel: the SSAB / Rautaruukki merger"* The SSAB / Rautaruukki case gives insight into the Commission’s approach to market definition in merger cases. The case confirms that the Commission’s approach is case-specific, and driven by the issues at stake in a given case rather (...)



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