Marcelo Saguan

EDF (Paris)

Marcelo Saguan joined EDF in March 2016. He previously worked at Microeconomix as a Vice President Energy and senior consultant in economics. He has extensive experience in infrastructure regulation, electricity and gas markets and environmental issues. He has produced several relevant reports for European energy utilities and has been involved in on several studies produced for the European Commission. He has also published widely in professional and academic journals on energy issues, including market power, congestion management, balancing market design and renewable energies integration in competitive markets. Marcelo was previously Jean Monnet Fellow at the RSCAS in the Loyola de Palacio Energy Policy Programme. He had a post-doc postdoctoral position within the GRJM electricity research group at University of Paris 11. He holds a PhD in energy economics (2007) from the University of Paris 11 and the Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (Supélec) and a Master degree in industrial engineering from ENIM (Metz) and from University of Cuyo, Argentina (2001).

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514 Review

Adrien de Hauteclocque, Dorte Fouquet, François Lévêque, Jean-Michel Glachant, Leigh Hancher, Marcelo Saguan, Patrick Thieffry, Sébastien Douguet, Vincent Rious Nouvelles interactions et tensions entre la politique énergétique européenne et l’approche de la Commission en matière d’aides d’État


The growing number of challenges on energy policy that the European Union faces call for a review and an update of the current mechanisms implemented for market integration and energetic transition. A new paradigm regarding the utilisation of State aid by EU member States to serve national and (...)

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