Competition Eye (São Paulo)

Marcela Gomes Fernandes

Competition Eye (São Paulo), Gomes Fernandes Advocacia
Lawyer and Researcher

Marcela Fernandes is a lawyer and the Founder of Gomes Fernandes Advocacia (GFA), a legal consultancy specialized in antitrust and technology. She is the Creator and Co-Founder of the Competition Eye Initiative. She is the author of works in the areas of public and corporate law, published in Brazil and abroad. In the third sector, Marcela serves as Project Director for the Women in Antitrust Brazil (WIA) women’s network. Marcela is a PhD student and Master in Economic and Financial Law from USP. She worked for around 15 years in the federal government, having held the positions of General Coordinator of Analysis of Infractions in the Sectors of Agriculture and Industry, of the defunct Secretariat of Economic Law of the Ministry of Justice, and General Coordinator of Investigations of International Cartels of the Cade’s General Superintendence, in addition to several specializations in the area.


901 Review

Amanda Athayde, Marcela Gomes Fernandes A glimpse into Brazil’s experience in international cartel investigations: Legal framework, investigatory powers and recent developments in leniency and settlements policy


This article analyzes the Brazilian experience in international cartels enforcement within 2000-2016. Initially, it presents four central aspects of the enforcement activities in Brazil. First, the legal framework on fighting cartels. Second, the main investigatory powers of the Brazilian (...)

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