Kélig Bloret Dupuis

EssilorLuxottica (Paris)
Head of Competition Legal Department

Kélig Bloret Dupuis has joined the Essilor International in 2015 to set up and lead the Competition Legal Department, and dedicated over 18 months to the merger review process of the combination between Essilor and Luxottica. She started her career in 2000 as competition legal counsel at Thales. She joined Orange Competition and Telecommunications Legal Department in 2005, where she was appointed as Head of legal competition matters on Retail Markets in 2010. She is also Associate Professor in competition law at the University of Rennes 1.

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EssilorLuxottica (Paris)
EssilorLuxottica (Paris)


1786 Bulletin

Kélig Bloret Dupuis Gun jumping in mergers: An overview of EU and national case law


This article provides an overview of gun jumping enforcement by the courts and the competition authorities in 2020 and 2021. After specular sanctions in the past years, defining a clear dissuasive policy against any infringement of merger control rules, 2020 and 2021 confirmed the stringent approach of the authorities. One important finding is the increase of the number of cases which penalized gun jumping. It was also observed that authorities, not bound by time barred constraints, don’t hesitate to pursue “cold cases”. Nevertheless, reducing the 2020 and 2021 developments to the confirmation and detail of the pre-existing framework would provide an incomplete picture. The enforcers have also decided to extend their playing field, or at least to take full advantage of their existing powers, as illustrated by the Illumina/Grail case. The future European Courts rulings challenging the recent decisions will be key to follow.


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