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Lancaster University

Mary is Lecturer in Law at the University of Lance since 2016. She has obtained a PhD from the Universit of East Anglia in 2016, which focused on healthcare reform, and examined specifically the development of competition and regulation in the Dutch and English healthcare systems. She also has a strong interest in the wider public law implications of changing governance and comparative legal research.

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Mary Guy The UK Competition Authority finds there is insufficient evidence that a merger in the hospital sector could provide specific benefits for patients which would outweigh the harm from the loss of competition and choice (Dorset Foundation Trusts)


Article published on Centre for Competition Policy blog. The Meaning of ‘Relevant Customer Benefits’ in the Context of Health Care: Monitor’s Advice and the Competition Commission’s Response to the Dorset Foundation Trusts’ merger* On 17 October, the Competition Commission (CC) blocked the (...)

Mary Guy England’s new economic regulator for healthcare advises the OFT and CC on the first NHS Foundation Trust merger notified following the Health and Social Care Act 2012 (Dorset FT)


Article published on Centre for Competition Policy blog. Monitor’s Advice to the OFT and the New Healthcare Regulation* On 11 February, Monitor (the independent regulator of NHS foundation trusts and economic regulator for healthcare in England) published its advice to the Office of Fair (...)

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