Françoise Benhamou

Université Sorbonne Paris Nord

Françoise Benhamou is a French economist and columnist, professor at Sciences Po Lille, Sciences Po Paris, École Normale Supérieure and Université Paris-XIII, specialising in the economics of culture and the media.


1114 Review

Bruno Lasserre, François Lévêque, Françoise Benhamou, Frédéric Jenny, Gildas de Muizon, Harry First, Mario Siragusa, Olivier Fréget, Thibaud Simphal Disruptive innovation, law and competition (Paris, 29 January 2016)


Innovation today is shifting the established positions of a growing number of companies and industries. There is no shortage of qualifiers to underline the power of this phenomenon: drastic innovation, destabilising innovation, disruptive innovation, radical innovation, disruptive innovation. (...)

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