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Falk Schoening is a partner Hogan Lovells in Brussels. He advises clients on all aspects of EU and German antitrust law, EU State Aid, foreign investment control, and export control. He focuses his practice on international cases which require coordination between different legal systems or representation vis-à-vis several regulators. Falk regularly advises clients on structuring transactions, joint ventures or divestitures, and represents them in merger control and foreign investment control proceedings to ensure M&A transactions are successfully closed. He has extensive experience handling complex global mergers in front of the European Commission, the German Federal Cartel Office, and coordinating filings in jurisdictions globally. Falk has devised the strategy in multiple successful high-profile deals and procurements in the TMT, aerospace and defense, and chemicals sectors. He is praised by clients as solution-oriented, pragmatic and reliable. Falk has substantial experience in the field of media and technology, where he deals with questions relating to data and competition law, the EU Digital Single Market strategy, artificial intelligence, blockchain and robots. In addition, as a leader of Hogan Lovells’ European aerospace and defense group, he regularly advises on competition law, regulatory and procurement issues faced by airlines, defense contractors and UAV operators in Germany and Europe. Thanks to his first-hand experience of policymaking in Brussels and Berlin, Falk can also assist clients effectively in policy advocacy projects both in Germany and at EU level.


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Falk Schoening, Sebastian Faust, Stefan Kirwitzke, Philipp Reckers, Julius Gertz The German Government blocks a Chinese firm’s takeover of a German satellite startup (KLEO connect / Shanghai Spacecom Satellite Technology / CED)


After feverishly frequent updates on FDI screening in Germany over the past few years, things seemed to have calmed down recently. Now the German government is back with a bunch of news: On the enforcement front, the recent prohibition regarding satellite communications provider KLEO Connect (...)

May Lyn Yuen, Michel Struys, Falk Schoening, Francesco Pili, Hélène de Cazotte The EU Commission receives the power to launch investigations to tackle distortions caused by foreign subsidies in the internal market


Today marks the start of the EU’s Foreign Subsidies Regulation regime. From this date, the European Commission, as the enforcer of the FSR, will have the power to launch investigations to tackle distortions caused by foreign subsidies in the internal market. M&A agreements signed from this (...)

Christopher Hutton, Matt Giles, Falk Schoening, Christopher Thomas, Harrison Gower The EU Commission adopts guidelines on "solo self-employed" persons and their collective bargaining rights


The European Commission has adopted guidelines addressing the application of EU competition law to the "solo self-employed". The guidelines clarify situations in which certain self-employed individuals may work collectively to seek improvements in working conditions without falling foul of (...)

Falk Schoening, Ákos Kovách, Sebastian Faust, Stefan Kirwitzke, Philipp Reckers The EU Commission releases a decision enforcing its exclusive competence to assess mergers with an EU dimension, notwithstanding a breach of a Member State’s FDI rules (AEGON / Vienna Insurance)


For the first time ever, the EU Commission has issued a decision on the relationship between EU merger control law and national FDI screening rules. It found that the Hungarian Government’s veto of Vienna Insurance Group’s planned acquisition of the Hungarian subsidiaries of Dutch insurer (...)

Christoph Wunschmann, Falk Schoening, Christian Ritz, Philipp Heuser The EU Commission publishes new draft guidance with regard to exchange of information related to dual distribution


The European Commission has published a new draft guidance with regard to exchange of information related to dual distribution. This draft guidance provides valuable dos and don’ts for companies concerning the information exchange in a dual distribution scenario. Any company dealing with dual (...)

Falk Schoening, Sebastian Faust, Stefan Kirwitzke The German Government prohibits the acquisition of a communications technology company by a Chinese communication product manufacturer (IMST / Addsino)


Foreign investment control has become a key factor in M&A deals and 2020 has been an eventful year. A large number of economies have introduced foreign investment control regimes or tightened their existing rules. Now it appears that it is time to make use of them: this week Germany has (...)

Eric Paroche, Sabrina Borocci, Casto Gonzalez-Paramo, Mark Jones, Suyong Kim, Falk Schoening, Marc Schweda The EU Commission authorises State aid measure following the COVID-19 outbreak to help companies cover their immediate liquidity needs through bank loans guaranteed by EU member states


The first State aid measures authorized by the European Commission (Commission) following the COVID-19 outbreak were aimed at helping companies to cover their immediate liquidity needs, mainly through bank loans guaranteed by EU Member States. The significant losses incurred by companies as (...)

Aline Doussin, Eleni Theodoropoulou, Imogen Brooks, Lourdes Catrain, Falk Schoening The EU Commission issues guidance to Member States concerning foreign direct investment during the COVID-19 outbreak


The disruption linked to COVID-19 already affects the global economy significantly, including M&A transactions in Europe and across the globe. On the regulatory side, many deals face challenges caused by national authorities’ reduced capacities, while some authorities struggle to uphold (...)

Falk Schoening, Christopher Thomas, Sabrina Borocci, Myrto Tagara, Suyong Kim, Eric Paroche, Ákos Kovách The EU Commission announces that companies were encouraged to delay new merger notifications until further notice because of the complexities and disruptions caused by the current COVID-19 outbreak


The current COVID-19 pandemic is posing unprecedented challenges on our public health systems and communities. It is also heavily impacting economic activity, including for companies in the midst of M&A or joint venture transactions. Deals that are subject to merger control review in the (...)

François Brunet, Eric Paroche, Falk Schoening, Stefan Kirwitzke The French and German Governments publish a manifesto calling for a reform of current EU merger rules to shape a "European industrial policy fit for the 21st Century"


Following the European Commission’s prohibition of the Alstom-Siemens transaction, the French and German governments published a manifesto calling for a reform of current EU merger rules to shape a "European industrial policy fit for the 21st Century." This manifesto appears to be directly (...)

Christian Ritz, Falk Schoening The German Competition Authority publishes a paper on "Big Data and Competition" as Big Data and digital markets remain in the focus of EU competition authorities


I. Introduction On 6 October, the German Federal Cartel Office (’FCO’) launched its new series of papers on ’Competition and Consumer Protection in the Digital Economy’. The first paper deals with ’Big Data and Competition’. The same day, a ’real-life example’ of competition enforcement in (...)

Christian Ritz, Christoph Wunschmann, Falk Schoening The German Parliament adopts a new amendment to the Act Against Restraints of Competition in order to adapt its competition law to the digital economy


On 9 June 2017, the 9th amendment of the German Act Against Restraints of Competition (ARC) entered into effect introducing important amendments for companies to German competition law. The reform deals with two main issues: the implementation of the European Cartel Damages Actions Directive (...)

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