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Emmanuel Frot

Analysis Group (Paris)

Dr. Frot is an economist with specialized expertise in applying quantitative analyses to competition, litigation, regulatory, and business intelligence issues. He advises firms in a wide range of industries, providing economic and econometric expertise on matters related to mergers, market concentrations, cartel investigations, and damages. He is skilled at clearly articulating the methods used and results obtained in each situation. Over the years, Dr. Frot has performed numerous economic and econometric analyses in Phase I and Phase II mergers before the French competition authority. He has led case teams and performed economic analyses in several prominent horizontal and vertical cartel cases, as well as estimated damages in antitrust litigation and intellectual property matters. He has published in peer-reviewed journals and spoken at conferences on topics related to antitrust and competition. In addition to antitrust-related matters, Dr. Frot also applies quantitative techniques to pricing issues; performance benchmarking; energy markets; and general issues requiring expertise in data collection, analysis, modeling, and visualization.


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Emmanuel Frot Econometrics in Articles 101 and 102 TFEU cases


This article examines how econometrics is used in Articles 101 and 102 TFEU cases. It argues that econometrics, while being increasingly common, is restricted to a small sample of its potential applications in nonmerger cases. It then proceeds by reviewing recent cartel investigations led by (...)

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Economic theory underlines that vertical mergers are very likely to lead to efficiencies and benefit consumers. On the other hand, more recent research found that vertical integration can also be used as an anti-competitive tool by firms, and harm consumers, notably through foreclosure. These (...)

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