Emilia Wardęga

WKB Wierciński Kwieciński Baehr (Warsaw)

Emilia Wardęga is a lawyer at the Polish law firm WKB Wierciński Kwieciński Baehr in Warsaw. With the competition team, Emilia works mainly with merger clearance notifications before the Polish competition authority. Her experience also includes participation in proceedings concerning anticompetitive practices and infringements of collective consumer interests before the Polish competition authority and the competition court as well as antitrust audits. Emilia was a blue book trainee at DG Competition in Brussels, where she participated in antitrust proceedings conducted against dominant telecommunications operators. Emilia graduated with honours from the University of Warsaw. She also completed a one-year postgraduate studies programme at the College of Europe in Belgium where she obtained a Master of European Law (LL.M.) title, specialising in EU and competition law. Emilia is a trainee advocate at the District Chamber of Advocates in Warsaw.

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326 Bulletin

Aleksander Stawicki, Emilia Wardęga The Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection fines one company for resale price maintenance on the ski equipment and accessories market (Sport & Freizeit)


On 31 December 2013, the President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (hereinafter “the OCCP President”) issued a decision concerning minimum resale price maintenance practices on the market of ski equipment and accessories in Poland (Decision No. DOK – 7/2013). Although the (...)

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