Christopher Meyers

Amazon (Luxembourg)
Associate General Counsel and Director

Chris Meyers is an experienced Associate General Counsel with a demonstrated ability to help deliver business results in a pragmatic, collaborative, team-focused manner. Mr. Meyers is a highly trusted and respected colleague and business advisor. Led bet-the-company projects covering a broad spectrum of practice areas, including global antitrust investigations and litigation, compliance counseling, government and private-party negotiation and commercial agreements, intellectual property issues, mergers and acquisitions, policy and government affairs, and public relations.


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Christopher Meyers
Christopher Meyers 28 October 2016 New York


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Agathe Richard, Aidan Synnott, Albert A. Foer, Alden F. Abbott, Alvaro Ramos, Ben Labow, Bonny Sweeney, Bradley T. Tennis, Christopher Meyers, Donald C. Klawiter, James J. Tierney, James Langenfeld, Janet McDavid, John DeQ. Briggs, John Kwoka, Joseph Farrell, Logan M. Breed, Mark D. Whitener, Michael A. Carrier, Michael D. Hausfeld, Michael L. Weiner, Michael P. Lehmann, Richard S. Taffet, Scott Andrew Sher, Sharis A. Pozen, William H. Rooney What is Trump Antitrust?


Change is in the air and it is coming to antitrust and competition policy in the United States. The unexpected election of President-elect Donald J. Trump opened wide the speculation or mystery about what he and his advisors are planning concerning his administration’s antitrust policy. During (...)