Burcu Can

Kia (Frankfurt)
Manager, Compliance and Regulatory

Burcu Can is a manager, compliance and regulatory at Kia Europe in Frankfurt. She graduated from Ankara University, Faculty of Law in 2008. With close to 10 years of competition law experience, Burcu Can relocated from Brussels to Istanbul in order to join ELIG Gürkaynak in 2018. While more than half of this time, over five years, was devoted to the Turkish Competition Authority as a competition expert case handler, Burcu Can has also obtained her LL.M. degree from Harvard Law School and worked for many years at the Brussels office of one of the top international law firms as a competition lawyer. During her years at the Turkish Competition Authority, Burcu Can took part in leading antitrust and merger cases concerning banking, finance, motor vehicle and transportation sectors, contributed to the preparation of secondary legislation for competition law and several International Competition Network projects. In addition to her LL.M. degree from Harvard Law School, Burcu Can also has a master’s degree in commercial law from Gazi University in Turkey. Burcu Can is a member of the New York Bar.


2367 Bulletin

Gönenç Gürkaynak, Burcu Can The Turkish Competition Authority grants an exemption to an electronic refuel and information system bringing together fuel distributors and end-users in a two-sided market (Platform Aracılık / Danışmanlık)


Background The Turkish Competition Board (“Board”) has recently published its reasoned decision on an exemption application by Platform Aracılık ve Danışmanlık Ltd. Şti. (“Platform Aracılık”) regarding its sample agreements (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) with five fuel (...)

Gönenç Gürkaynak, Burcu Can The Ankara 9th Administrative Court orders a stay of execution on a port acquisition after the Competition Authority’s conditional clearance with behavioural remedies (Kumport)


Background Limar Liman ve Gemi İşletmeleri A.Ş. (“Limar”), which is controlled by Arkas Holding A.Ş. (“Arkas”) notified to the Turkish Competition Authority (the “Authority”) its acquisition of the sole control over Mardaş Marmara Deniz İşletmeciliği A.Ş. (“Mardaş” or the “Target”) operating (...)

Gönenç Gürkaynak, Burcu Can The Turkish Competition Authority fines a company for resale price maintenance after the Council of State annulled its first decision finding no infringement regarding prepaid card prices (Turkcell II)


The Turkish Competition Board published its reasoned decision on an additional investigation on whether Turkcell İletişim Hizmetleri A.Ş. has violated the Law No. 4054 on the Protection of Competition through resale price maintenance and exclusivity practices (19-03/23-10; 10.01.2019). The (...)

Burcu Can, Gönenç Gürkaynak The Turkish Competition Authority fines a company for obstructing an on-site inspection by cutting off electricity and preventing internet access (Mosaş)


Background The Turkish Competition Board (“Board”) initiated a preliminary investigation on March 8, 2018 (Decision No. 18-07/124-M), in the traffic signalization sector. Subsequently, the Turkish Competition Authority’s (“TCA”) case handlers conducted an on-site inspection on June 5, 2018, (...)

Burcu Can, Gönenç Gürkaynak The Turkish Competition Authority imposes fines totalling €8.1M on an electricity distributor and its subsidiary for abuse of dominance (Akdeniz EDAS / CLK / Ak Den)


Upon a number of complaints, the Turkish Competition Board (the “Board”) opened an in-depth investigation against Akdeniz Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş. (“Akdeniz Elektrik”), CK Akdeniz Elektrik Perakende Satış A.Ş. (“CK Akdeniz”) and AK DEN Enerji Dağıtım ve Perakende Satış Hizmetleri (“AK DEN”), (...)

495 Review

Burcu Can, François-Charles Laprévote, Johannes Laitenberger, Simon J. Evenett Competition and trade policies: TTIP or the return of the UFOs? (New Frontiers of Antitrust, Paris, 13 June 2016)


This first roundtable of the “New frontiers of Antitrust” conference held in Paris on June 13th 2016 was dedicated to the links between competition and trade policies in light of the ongoing negotiation of the TTIP between the European Union and the United States. After an introduction of (...)


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