Ariane Charpin

Deloitte (Paris)
Director, Economic Advisory

Ariane Charpin is director, economic advisory at Deloitte Economic Consulting. She holds a MSc in Economics from the Paris School of Economics and graduated from ESSEC. Since joining Microeconomix in 2012, she has worked in a series of antitrust cases and provided econometric analysis in merger cases.

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Gildas de Muizon, Ariane Charpin The French Competition Authority clears merger of 2 fast food restaurant chains, subject to divestitures in a local market (Quick / Burger King France)


The operation notified to the French Competition Authority (FCA) consists in the acquisition of the firm Quick by the firm Burger King France. Burger King and Quick are two fast-food restaurant chains selling hamburgers. The purpose of the operation is to turn 300 Quick restaurants located in (...)

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