Anne de Cadaran

General Counsel

Anne de Cadaran was General Counsel at Neoen until April 2016. Previously Head of Regulatory Affairs within Group Louis Dreyfus subsidiary Neuf Cegetel where she actively contributed to open the Telecom sector to competition, Anne was first board member then General Counsel of the Group Direct Energie and has in particular initiated the proceedings before the French Competition Council that led EDF to tender baseload electricity to the benefit of alternative suppliers.

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12519 Review

Anne de Cadaran, Christophe Barthélémy, Ines Zenke, Jean-Baptiste Siproudhis, Jean-Patrice de La Laurencie, Jean-Paul Tran Thiet, Markus Kerber, Olivier Fréget, Philippe Redaelli Ten years of liberalisation of energy: Contrasted points of view


The set of six articles covers a wide panel of points of views ten years after the 1999 EC Directive. Readers will be able to read the following contributions: 1. Point d’étape sur la réglementation applicable au marché de gros de l’énergie - Philippe Redaelli, Directeur juridique et financier, (...)

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