Wessel Geursen

University of Amsterdam

Wessel Geursen is PhD-fellow at VU University, Amsterdam and researches the territorial scope of EU-Law and more specifically the scope of the internal market rules, state aid law and European tax law. He studied tax law at Leiden University and EU-law at Université Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne. After his studies he worked for several years as a lawyer in EU-law and competition law.


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University of Amsterdam


1189 Bulletin

Wessel Geursen The EU Court of Justice maintains the validity of the Commission’s decision not to investigate the complaint due to the low likelihood of establishing a dominant position of printer manufacturers on ink cartridge aftermarket (EFIM)


This article has been nominated for the 2014 Antitrust Writing Awards. Click here to learn more about the Antitrust Writing Awards. The EFIM-case: no dominant position of printer manufacturers on ink cartridge aftermarket* Ink in cartridges for printers is often called ‘black gold’, or (...)

Wessel Geursen The French Supreme Court rejects the argument that the absence of other EU telecom operators in the overseas territories may imply no effect on the interstate trade, thus confirming the applicability of Article 102 TFEU (France Télécom / Orange Caraïbe)


EU-Competition Law in the Overseas: some recent French precedents* Parts of the territory of some EU-Member States are situated overseas. Does EU-Competition law apply there? Some recent French precedents answer this question. According to Art. 52 TEU the EU-treaties apply to the 27 Member (...)

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