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Ute Decker is taking a career break. Ute Decker is an intellectual property lawyer with a history in copyright and trademark licensing, global public policy for the music industry and use of intellectual property in standards for Microsoft. Recently branched out into Maritime Law and Environmental Law during an LLM in Nottingham. Her work is based on her MBA at Cass Business School with a focus on equity analysis and strategic venturing. She now lives in New Zealand.


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Friedrich Wenzel Bulst, Jean-Yves Art, Jérôme Gstalter, Machiel Bolhuis, Maurits Dolmans, Mikko Välimäki, Per Hellstrom, Thomas Kramler, Ute Decker Open standards & antitrust


Les contributeurs à ce dossier « Tendances » se sont vu soumettre une question qui pourrait sembler simple a priori : Les normes ouvertes promeuvent-elle la concurrence ? Cependant, la réponse à cette question requiert un travail préalable et délicat de définition des termes du sujets. Rédigés (...)


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