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WilmerHale (Brussels)
Lawyer (Senior Associate)

Tomasz Koziel focuses his practice on EU competition and international trade law. Mr. Koziel represents clients before EU and US authorities in cartel investigations spanning multiple industries, including automotive, IT and financial services. He advises on EU and international aspects of antitrust and merger control proceedings, as well as state aid matters. Mr. Koziel also has experience in appeal proceedings before the Court of Justice of the European Union. With regard to trade law, Mr. Koziel assists in antidumping and countervailing duty investigations before the European Commission. He also advises clients on various aspects of international trade law, including the consistency of national measures with the WTO rules. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Koziel worked as an associate at a leading Brussels firm, and clerked for the Court of Justice of the European Union handling memoranda related to competition, trade and regulatory issues. He joined the firm in 2012 as resident in the Washington DC office before transferring to the Brussels office in 2013.

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6992 Bulletin

Tomasz Kozieł The Polish Competition Authority accepts commitments from the authors’ association concerning copyrights management agreements under Polish and EU competition law (ZAiKS)


Market structure and dominant position ZAiKS is the largest association of authors and composers in Poland and the sole active on the market for collective management of copyrights for vocal and musical works. This market was considered by the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer (...)

Tomasz Kozieł The Polish Competition Authority fines €14M the incumbent railway cargo carrier for discriminating competitors in concluding freight agreements, raising question on the ability of an undertaking in a dominant position, faced with aggressive comportment of competitors, to respond with similar measures (PKP Cargo)


Situation on the market and the proceedings PKP Cargo is second largest rail carrier in the European Union, which enjoyed monopolistic position on the Polish market of railway cargo services until 2001. Holding 70% of market share, it is still a major player on the market and being a part of (...)

Tomasz Kozieł The Polish Supreme Court rules that a civil court may establish an abuse of a dominant position independently, unless the Competition Authority has already found such an abuse (Torun Timber Industry Enterprise)


On 23 July 2008 the Polish Supreme Court ruled that if it is necessary to declare a contract to be void, a civil court may independently investigate and find an abuse of a dominant position, unless the national competition authority has already established such an infringement. The proceedings (...)

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