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Tomás Duplá del Moral

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Tomás Duplá del Moral graduated in law (1970) at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and received a MS (1983) and a PhD (1985) in Sociology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. He worked as a barrister in Madrid between 1970 and 1980, when he moved to the University of Wisconsin, Madison, with a Fulbright scholarship. While working on his PhD, he was engaged by the University first as Teaching Assistant, then as Lecturer in Sociology. Upon his return to Madrid in 1986 with a post-doctoral fellowship, he carried out sociological research for the Andalusia autonomous govern¬ment (Junta de Andalucía) and the Madrid Institute for Development (IMADE). He then went on to work in the private office (gabinete) of the President of the Madrid Autonomous region in 1987 and 1988. In 1989 he started working at the European Commission in Brussels, where he was Desk Officer for Palestine and Lebanon (1989-1992), Head of Sector "Occupied Territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip" (1992-1993), European Commission Representative to the Occupied Territories and Head of the European Commission Technical Assistance Offices in Jerusalem and Gaza (1994-1996), Head of the Mashrak and Israel Unit (1996-2001) and Head of the Latin America Horizontal Affairs Unit (2001-2004). From January 2004 to September 2007 he was Director for Latin America in the Directorate General for External Relations of the European Commission. Since January to September 2007 Tomás Duplá del Moral was Acting Deputy Director-General for Asia and Latin America. From October 2007 on he is Director, South Mediterranean and Middle East.

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