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Tiiu Iverson

Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer (Brussels)
Lawyer (Associate)

Tiiu Iverson is a Belgian-qualified lawyer who focuses her practice on a wide range of issues under European competition law, with experience advising on matters including restrictive practices, merger control, compliance matters, as well as state aid. Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Iverson worked in competition law groups at leading multinational law firms in Estonia and Finland and has also undertaken a traineeship at the European Commission (DG Competition). She is fluent in Estonian, English, French, Russian and has a good command of German.

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1512 Bulletin

Tiiu Iverson The Estonian Competition Authority gives second phase merger clearance to the merger of two market leaders leading to 66% post-merger market share in the field of leading media (Cheh OÜ/Ekspress Hotline)


The case concerns the merger of two market leaders in the field of the so-called leading media Cheh OÜ and Ekspress Hotline, as a result of which the Latvian holding company SIA Contact Holding, owner of Cheh OÜ, acquired dominant influence over 66% of the relevant market in Estonia. The merger (...)

Tiiu Iverson The Estonian Supreme Court upholds the judgment of county court terminating the proceedings against State postal monopoly on misdemeanour charges on the grounds of an abuse of dominant position (Eesti Post)


The Estonian Competition Authority fined AS Eesti Postin expedite proceedings for an abuse of dominant position (unequal treatment, fidelity rebates). Eesti Post appealed the decision. On October 3, 2007, the Supreme Court decided to partially satisfy the cassation and declared the decision of (...)

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