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FTI Consulting (Paris)
Senior Director

Thomas Sely is a Senior Director at FTI Consulting in Paris. He advises lawyers and corporates in France on the management of electronic evidence and the use of ediscovery technologies in global litigation, regulatory investigation and compliance matters. Thomas has substantial experience working on competition law matters such as dawn raids and compliance audits, both at the French and the European level. Prior to joining Kroll Ontrack, Thomas held different consultative and business development positions in the legal technologies industry. He started his career as an in-house counsel. Thomas holds a Master in business law and a Master in Business Administration from the University of Lyon.

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Thomas Sely (FTI Consulting)
Thomas Sely 13 April 2018 Paris


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Thomas Cavro Dupont, Thomas Sely EU Commission’s e-commerce sector inquiry: Some thoughts as to how technology can assist companies in responding to potential requests for information


The sector inquiry into e-commerce recently launched by the European Commission is at an incipient stage, but the number of players concerned and the volume of information which may be targeted are highly significant. In this context, ediscovery technologies and data analytics can be helpful (...)

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