Thierry Titone

de Gaulle (Brussels)
Directeur Associé

Thierry Titone is in charge of the department of Fidal Direction Internationale’s Contract and Distribution law department. He works both as a legal advisor and as a litigation lawyer in Distribution law (management of the distribution structures, optimization of tariff policies), Contract law (franchise, commercial agencies), Consumer law (Sales Promotion, Advertising) and Standards Regulation (safety standards, product liability). Thierry has lead a large number of conferences on competition and distribution law subjects. He graduated from ESSEC (Specialized Management) and holds a post-graduate degree in Economic Law.


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Thierry Titone Franchisor/franchisee liabilities’: The Paris Court of Appeal recalls that the franchisee’s liability may not be excluded in case of failure of the franchise (Lovin’R/Jean- Louis David)


Facts A franchisee operating a hair salon was claiming damages from its franchisor for breach of its pre-contractual disclosure obligation under Article L. 330-3 C. com. In this case the franchisor had in particular communicated to the prospective franchisee an investment study containing (...)

Thierry Titone Franchise: The Paris Court of Appeal considers that the franchiser has to provide to the franchise candidate’s precise pre-contractual informations on the local market (Euromark Internationale)


Facts A franchisee signs, on 17 April 2000, a franchise contract for the operation of a marriage agency, as well as a computer subscription contract with a company belonging to the group of its franchisor. In 2004, the franchisee claimed that the franchisor had not complied with its (...)

Thierry Titone Warranty and liability for defective products: The Legislator amends the provisions on the guarantee of conformity of goods with the contract due by the seller to the consumer and the responsibility for defective products


The law ratifies Order No. 2005-136 of 17 February 2005 on the guarantee of conformity of the goods to the contract due by the seller to the consumer. In addition, it modifies the wording of Article L. 211-16 of the Consumer Code relating to the guarantee of conformity. This article now (...)

Thierry Titone Franchise: The Paris Court of Appeal states that the "contract for membership" concluded by the parties at the same time that their franchise agreement still applies after the termination of the franchise agreement (IT1VI Entreprises)


Facts A membership agreement for a franchise network stipulated that the franchisor had an obligation to "propose to its members plans to take over or create points of sale". Four years after the sale of the shares in their operating company, two former franchisees who were still members (...)

Thierry Titone Settlement : The French Government establishes the possibility for the DGCCRF to propose a settlement to economic operators infringing the Commercial code or the Consumer code


Pursuant to Article 83 of the Law of 9 December 2004 on the simplification of the law, Article 1 of the Ordinance establishes the right of the DGCCRF to propose, under the supervision of the judicial authority, a settlement agreement to the authors of parking tickets. This procedure concerns (...)

Thierry Titone Acts interrupting precription: The French Competition Council holds that Court of Cassation judgments relating to the validity of orders with authorization to visit the operations and seizures suspend the prescription (Route des Estuaries)


Facts and procedure During a procedure for awarding contracts for the construction of works, some candidates met to exchange information enabling them to submit the lowest bid in order to pre-award the contracts and then submit bids for cover. By an order of 14 November 1996, the President (...)

Thierry Titone Investigation procedure: The French Supreme Court rules on investigation proceedings from the Competition Council (“Secteur des escaliers préfabriqués en béton”)


Facts In Decision No. 03-D-96 of 3 March 2003, the Competition Council found against the main suppliers of prefabricated concrete staircases in the Paris region and the Centre region for sharing the markets and fixing their prices in a concerted manner within the "staircase clubs" set up in (...)


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