Thierry Desurmont

SACEM (Neuilly-sur-Seine)
Former Vice President

Thierry Desurmont is a former vice president of the SACEM. A specialist in copyrights, he held various senior positions at SACEM and other organizations administering and advocating copyrights. He was also CEO of SDRM, the society administering the mechanical rights of authors, composers and publishers. He was the chairman of the legal Committee of CISAC, the international Confederation of societies of authors and composers, from 1993 to 1997.


9823 Review

Anne-Marie Pecoraro, Bénédicte de Carlan, Charlotte Paoli, Hugues Calvet, Maria Mercedes Frabboni, Marine Pouyat, Miguel Mendes Pereira, Thierry Desurmont Copyrights and neighbouring rights at stake with competition law in the globalisation era


The development of new technologies allows new cross border and worldwide uses of copyright and neighbouring rights. Their globalisation has led competition regulation bodies to question whether they should evolve their analysis of existing collective management of rights. Stakeholders, (...)


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