Thierry Dahan

French Ministry of Agriculture (Paris)

Thierry Dahan was appointed agricultural trade mediator on December 2021 for a three-year term. Prior to this, Thierry Dahan was vice president of the French Competition Authority. He was previously counsel in the Competition and EU law department of Ashurst. Thierry Dahan specialises in antitrust law, mergers and regulatory matters. A graduate of ENA, the French National School of Administration (graduate school for senior civil servants and officials), Thierry joined the Cour des Comptes (French court of audit) in 1991. He was appointed General Director for Culture and Sport for the City of Lyon in 1996, under the mandate of former French Prime Minister and presidential candidate Raymond Barre. In 1999, he joined the office of the French Secretary of State for Justice as Technical Adviser in charge of economic law and budgetary matters, working in particular on the preparation and monitoring of the competition and company law chapter of the new economic regulation law of 15 May 2001. In 2002, Thierry was appointed Rapporteur général of the Conseil de la concurrence (French Competition Authority), a post he held until February 2009 when he returned to the Cour des Comptes as Senior Magistrate. Thierry Dahan is an avocat at the Paris Bar.

ENA 1989-1991 (promotion Victor Hugo) Agrégation in physics (national high level postgraduate qualification) University of Aix-Marseille I, Degree in philosophy


Thierry Dahan - Exclusivity and competition law, 9 May 2016
Thierry Dahan 9 May 2016 Paris
Thierry DAHAN - Autorité de la concurrence
Thierry Dahan 30 September 2014 Paris


23998 Review

Thierry Dahan A piece of China’s wall


The Chinese competition authority (MOFCOM) is a new player on the international competition enforcement stage. Its growing influence raises new risks of diverging opinions on global agreements or mergers between the USA, the EU and China. This paper comments on this risks as illustrated by the (...)

Catherine Vautrin, Claire Chambolle, Clémence Christin, Etienne Pfister, Marie-Laure Allain, Michaël Cousin, Serge Papin, Thierry Dahan New aspects of grocery retail sector regulation


Both aspects of the grocery retail sector regulation, i.e. the rules on unfair behaviours and those governing the market structures have evolved in different ways since 2005. Further to the Competition Authority’s opinion of 17 December 2010 discussions moved toward the relevance of more (...)

Thierry Dahan The regulation of competition: A prospective point of view (II)


The two purposes of competition law - economic efficiency and consumer welfare - do not spontaneously converge on the real markets. Competiton law aims at protecting market equilibriums that can reconcile these goals. To establish the possible consequences of a given economic behavior, (...)

Thierry Dahan The regulation of competition: A prospective point of view (I)


Competition law aims at intervening on markets, not in order to limit their operation, but in order to make them work better. Competition law has thus developped on a somehow paradoxial basis: true trust in market economy leads to administrative intervention. This article aims at resolving (...)



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