Thaís de Sousa Guerra

Magalhães Nery e Dias (Sao Paulo)

Ms. Guerra is a lawyer at Magalhães e Dias – Advocacia, a Brazilian law firm specialized in antitrust law, international trade, consumer law, litigation and arbitration. She has an LL.B from the Law School of Centro Universitário de Brasília (2004) and received a research scholarship from 2002 to 2003. She is also a specialist in Bioethics from the Multidisciplinary Study Center – UNESCO Department of Bioethics of the University of Brasília (2005) and has an LL.M degree in International Business and Trade Law from Fordham University (New York – USA, 2009). Ms. Guerra has been working with antitrust law since 2001.

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Magalhães Nery e Dias (Sao Paulo)


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