Sven Gallasch

University of East Anglia
Lecturer in Law

Dr Sven Gallasch is a Lecturer in Law and a Faculty Member of the ESRC Centre for Competition Policy. Prior to his current position at UEA Law School Sven has worked as a Research Associate at the Centre for Competition Policy. Originally educated at the University of Trier and the University of Augsburg in Germany, Sven holds a German Diploma in Law. He has also been awarded with a LLM in Competition Law and Policy and a PhD in Law from UEA. His doctoral thesis is entitled ‘The anticompetitive misuse of intellectual property rights in the European pharmaceutical sector’. It was examined by Prof. Ariel Ezrachi and Prof. Bill Kovacic and has been passed with no corrections. His main area of research continues to be the intersection between IP and Competition law, especially in the pharmaceutical sector.


1724 Bulletin

Sven Gallasch The EU Commission imposes a fine of € 427.7 million on a French pharma manufacturer and five generic companies for pay-for-delay settlements impeding price competition on the market for blood pressure medicines (Servier)


The EU Commission Decision against Servier – a New Dimension to European Pharmaceutical Antitrust?* On 9 July 2014 the European Commission announced its decision to impose a fine of €427.7 million on French drug maker Servier and five generic companies in relation to so-called ‘pay for delay’ (...)

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