Stéphane Laget

University Aix-Marseille, Paris Bar
Senior Lecturer Aix-Marseille University

Stephane Laget is a member of the Paris Bar. He graduated with a D.E.A in Public Law from the Aix-Marseille Law University. His PhD thesis analyses the rights of the firms in the State aids control regime. He is also a Senior Lecturer at Aix-Marseille Law University in the Master of Law and Practise of public litigation. Stephane wrote several articles on various public law subjects, including State aid. He has taken part to the March 2006 “Study on the Enforcement of State Aid Law at National Level”, under Jacques Derenne’s supervision.


28015 Bulletin

Stéphane Laget The French Supreme Administrative Court considers that a decree reducing the postal aid to the press is only a minor modification to an existing State aid scheme and not a new aid (Syndicat de la presse périodique culturelle et scientifique...)


This case deals with the specific postal tarif granted to the press in France. A reshuffling of the framework of the relations between the Post and the press took place in 1995 which lead to an increase of 50 % of the the postal tariffs. An agreement was concluded on 4 July 1996, and the (...)

Stéphane Laget The French Commercial Supreme Court rules that courts must check whether the contested State aid scheme has been notified to the EC Commission or not, notwithstanding a Commission’s note classifying the aid as an existing one (Établissements Friedrich / ANIVIT)


Court of appeal, Caen, (Cour d’appel de Caen, Chambres réunies ), 21 November 2000, Société des Établissements Friedrich vs. Association nationale interprofessionnelle des vins de table (ANIVIT) , Case RG 99/00877, Decision n° 743, not published The Association nationale interprofessionnelle des (...)

Stéphane Laget The French Commercial Supreme Court rejects an action against a tax allegedly qualified as a State aid measure ruling that the character of new aid was not established (Guyomarc’h / Sanders Aliments / Rental Languedoc / Ralston Purina France / SNAA)


Background All these cases concern claims for reimbursement of the parafiscal storage tax for cereals which the applicants considered incompatible with Community law, especially State aid provisions (see also the commentaries in the e-bulletin State Aids I on the Cour de cassation decisions of (...)

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